Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box

Morning readers,

Well…not quite. Here at Zest and Fresh Mental Health Service the elves have been hard at work- sourcing the xmas tree and sorting out the house all ready for xmas. But here’s the thing…they need your help!

We love our products here at Zest HQ (thanks to Neal’s Yard) but we’d love to spread the fab work they do which got us thinking- why not put all of the best things they do into one fab-u-lous package?! Here at Zest HQ we’re working hard on bringing you the beset of the best which is why come xmas time you’ll be hanging round the post box like it was xmas eve all over again- waiting for those delicious parcels and presents to arrive.

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch now via our contact form (or contact me on social media) for more details!


Happy Beautiful day everyone,

much love,

Katie Smiles,

CEFO Zest and Fresh Mental Health Services




Morning beautiful people!

Now I’m sure you’re aware that there’s been some very exciting developments at Zest HQ with the news of the launch of Neal’s Back Garden (aka Neal’s Yard) so readers I need your help!

While all of these developments are very exciting, it’s left me spread a little thin on the ground so I’m looking for health and beauty bloggers from all over the country to unite with me and share the good news that is the natural aromatherapy based products that Neal’s Yard produce!

While I can’t pay you in money, I will send you a couple of free samples each month. In return, I expect you to share the good news on your blog OR write a short review in no more than 250 words explaining why you loved it so much.

…if you’re interested in this idea please could you either contact me at or contact me on facebook @NYsunderland


and Happy Beautiful day,

Katie Smiles,

CEO Zest and Fresh